Birds of feathers, flock together. Mmmm…..

I can’t say much about flocking together, but with Feathers, well, I can say they are here.

Feathers are here with a big bang in the fashion industry, so, it becomes a must for every brand to venture to this material.

Hold on…. Before the idea of feathers put you off, don’t worry, it is more subtle with most who use it.

Whether they’re sprouting from hems or kept together , it is less of a statement-maker and more of an accessory. Fashion industry is determined to make feathers fabulously famous again.

A fun trend to get on board with, it’s one that most people will struggle to incorporate into their wardrobe, but luckily it is subtle and not ostentatious! An inspired way to add texture into your wardrobe.

Feathers are known as weapon of seduction. When seductively used in an outfit, the results are exceptional. Designers like Zuhair Murad, Yousef Al-Jasmi, Bedour Al-Habib and many others have incorporated this trend in their outfits.

They bring a certain character and glamour to a silhouette. Our evening gown collection has beautiful pieces with feathers, lace and a spatter of crystals.

As fashion trends are returning feathers, we need to sprinkle pixie dust and fly. Expect feathers, and lots of them as they have been in fashion since the beginning of time, but they are mounting in popularity.

So what are you waiting for? Spread your wings and fly!!