Ways to Wear a Scarf/Hijab


Ways to Wear a Scarf/Hijab


Hijab is an essential part of a muslim woman’s wardrobe.

Pairing, choosing and styling the hijab takes as much thought as styling the rest of your outfit for the day.

Making sure that you find a hijab which complements the rest of your look is time consuming and stressful.

Add the different styles with which to style your hijab, well… time to tear up and stab your scalp with pins!

Personally, I prefer black scarf with just a simple wrapping method.

I feel the rolls and rolls of material on my head just doesn’t suit me but hey, to each her own.

Go with what feels right for you. Here are ways in which you can wear the hijab.


  1. Side Pinned.


  1. Instead of wearing your hijab the regular way pinning it on the side can add some flair.
  2. Once you’ve wrapped the scarf around your head, take all the loose ends on one side and secure it with a pin.
  3. It is also a very functional style since the loose ends are on one side only.
  4. It goes well on long tunics, and denim.
  5. Since the hijab is out of the way of your neckline, this style can help you show dresses with beautiful necklines too.


  1. 2. Show off the print


Pin your hijab the usual way and then take one end of the scarf and spread it across your chest and pin it on the other side.

If you want to show off the print on your scarf, then it is a beautiful and easy way to flaunt the print.

This style goes well on kaftans with simple embroidery on the neckline. Since the hijab will be worn in a way that it conceals your neckline, ( well, most hijab/scarf do that anyway).

You may not like to wear this style if you want to show the neckline of your dress.


3. Side Swept.

Wrap your scarf around your head and then secure it tightly on the nape of your neck.

Bring it over and let it fall on one side of your shoulder. This style allows you to show off your earrings and your embroidered neckline.


4. Turn it into a bun

This style is good for gowns. 

It is a very versatile style that can also be used through out the day without having to worry about keeping your hijab in place.

Turban styled hijab can be casual or formal. 


5. Pin-less Hijabs

These are gaining demand as they are easy to use as long as the material is not slippery and stays in place. 


6. Under Cap/tube

These are life savers for those who can pull it off.

Once you wear the hijab tube, any material can stay in place, if pinned properly, without sliding of.

Personally, I can’t wear under caps. Especially if you have wider cheeks :).

Wear your under-cap and then drape your scarf around it.

Twist the two ends under your neck and let each end fall over your shoulder and on your back.

It makes styling the hijab easy.


7. Add volume

After styling the hijab the regular way, take one end of the scarf and create small folds.

There are many videos on Youtube showing how to do this. 

Since folds will add a lot of volume to the head. 


8. Braiding

If you are in the mood to add some drama to your usual hijab, then braid the ends of the hijab on one side to add an element of fun.

Braiding the hijab is easy and it does not take up a lot of time either. Do it on one end and let the braid fall over your shoulder to the front.

It is good for jeans and tunics.


9. Knot it up

Drape your hijab on your neck and then tie both the ends so that the knot sits right on top of your head.

Take the left end of the scarf and wrap it around the right side of your head and tuck the ends towards the nape of your neck.

Now take the right end of the scarf and wrap it over the right ear and tuck the end towards the back of your head.


 10. Accessorize.

Lots of beautiful accessories are now available on the market and can be used on the hijab to make it look beautiful.

You can use a brooch on one side, or you can use headpieces ( from simple ones to flashy) to enhance the beauty of your scarf.

Accessories work well on solid-colored hijabs.


11. Basic

Basic hijab tying. I use this style, without the chin pin everyday. My favorite.

Wrap the scarf on your head and then pin it under your chin.

Take one end of the scarf and flip it over the opposite shoulder.

Bring the same end towards the front over the other shoulder.

Spread the ends of your scarf, so they cover your chest.